Inbound, outbound, whatever works based on your unique needs.

We’re convinced — every lead generation strategy needs to incorporate 4 key elements:

  1. Lead generation – finding new prospective customers out of the universe of suspects.
  2. Prospect nurturing – keeping prospects engaged until they’re ready to become customers.
  3. Customer upsell – presenting your brand at the forefront of customers’ minds so they stay with you and buy more.
  4. Loyalty Programs – we develop loyalty relationships then we keep them alive, relevant and satisfying, they are most effective when customers value them and ultimately become advocates for your brand.

CWD core competencies include Direct Response, Prospect Nurturing, Customer Upselling, Sales Metrics, Marketing Strategy, Channel Marketing, Branding & Identity, Positioning & Messaging, Advertising, Product Introductions, Event Marketing, Social Media and more. Lots more.

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